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4 Maintenance Tips for Acrylic Solid Surfaces

4 Maintenance Tips for Acrylic Solid Surfaces

Acrylic solid surfaces are highly renowned for their exquisite design features and easy integration into any living space. Used for kitchen worktops, offices, bathrooms, and various applications in living spaces, they are a popular choice for many. If you own an acrylic solid surface countertop, you must know how amazing they are to look at. But, if you plan on keeping them shiny and attractive, you should take frequent care and clean them once in a while. Acrylic solid surfaces are a great addition to any living space, with diverse properties and use cases assuring durable, reliable, and aesthetic advantages.

Since acrylic solid surfaces are really popular, knowing how to maintain these elegant furnishings is every home owner’s responsibility. Here are a few maintenance tips for acrylic solid surfaces.

1. Use a soft cloth

Abrasives are usually cleaners or materials used to scrub down surfaces and maintain it’s quality. In the case of acrylic solid surfaces, never use abrasive materials as they can cause scratches and deterioration. Instead, use a soft cloth or a sponge when wiping down your sleek acrylic solid surface worktops. Also, try not to apply too much pressure when wiping down your solid surfaces, they are built for regular use, not rough use.

2. Use cleaners for acrylic worktops

Acetone is one material commonly used for house cleaning, but it has a bad impact on acrylic surfaces. It is important to buy an acrylic cleaner that is designed for acrylic worktops. That’s because harsh chemicals can eat away at your solid surfaces if not careful. Before you make a purchase, read through the cleaning supplies and make sure it’s fit acrylic solid surfaces. You can always find an acrylic-approved cleaning material by enquiring at the local store or supermarket.

3. Wipe away the soap build-up

Soap, if left on any solid surface can leave residue and form spots. This is why when placing the soap in a container over your acrylic solid surfaces, be sure to keep a mat that prevents the soap residue from building up underneath. Also, wash off any soap that falls on your acrylic solid surface worktops to ensure that the shiny nature is preserved. This is because soap build-up can be hard to clean and eventually may damage the acrylic surfaces when left for long periods without checking. Clean regularly to ensure that spots aren’t formed and that the pristine acrylic solid surfaces are well-maintained.

4. Prevent extensive damage

Acrylic solid surfaces are very robust and resistant to many common factors like weather, stains, scratches, and more. However, if you want to keep them intact, you have to ensure that heavy items are not dropped directly onto the solid surfaces. This could cause cracks and damage the surface permanently. Although they are easy to repair and much easier to replace, acrylic solid surfaces are sustainable worktops and countertops designed for long use. Ensure that 

you don’t damage them by lifting heavy items onto the surface abruptly.

If you found these tips, you’re probably wondering why acrylic solid surfaces are a big deal. For one, it’s their aesthetic value. Secondly, they are robust materials that are cheaper and more sustainable than heavy stonework. They also are easy to install and provide the best utility for worktops and countertops in your bathroom, kitchen, office, or living room. So keeping them tidy is as important as keeping them free from chemical residue and harmful substances. 

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