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7 advantages of Acrylic Solid Surface Worktops
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7 advantages of Acrylic Solid Surface Worktops

Solid surfaces became in the late 1960s as an alternative to other types of countertops. Solid surfaces are a more affordable material for kitchen countertops, restrooms and commercial settings. They are popular for many reasons, among which high customization remains a top advantage.

They are also popularly used in office spaces as worktops. Acrylic solid surfaces pair solid surface composites with acrylic designs and user-friendliness to make stunning workspace fittings.

In this article, let’s explore 7 advantages of acrylic solid surface worktops.

1. Durable and resistant

Solid surface worktops are very durable and resistant to scratches, chips, or getting dented after daily utility.

Offices which contain wood desks often get scratched after extensive use or the sliding of items across the surface. In the case of Acrylic solid surfaces, they are scratch resistant. After extensive use, the Acrylic worktop can still be used without having to replace the desk or counter top. They do not wear out with use and time.

For your worktop requirements, you will save a lot of costs in design and durability when you choose an acrylic solid surface.

2. Easily repairable

On an acrylic solid surface, the material can be easily repaired in case of any damage like a crack or chip. An experienced fabricator can fill up the cracks or chips without leaving a trace because of the materials used in acrylic worktops.

Because of its repairable nature acrylic worktops are more sustainable because you don’t have to replace a cracked acrylic surface but merely fix it up and it’s good to go. That is not the case with wooden worktops where damage is permanent.

3. Customization

Acrylic solid surfaces come in various catchy designs that can be fashioned to any workplace or living space. The high customization options allow for this material to be a great home decor and commercial decor item.

Through a process called thermoforming, the natural minerals and acrylic resins can be crafted into numerous designs. This makes Acrylic worktops a top choice for interior design.

4. Endless color choices

Acrylic solid surfaces come in the finest selection of colors that cover every hue in the color spectrum. Paired with the high customization, an Acrylic worktop can be designed for almost any solid surface utility.

The numerous colors available are another reason why designers and architects prefer Acrylic worktops.

5. Maintenance and management

Unlike wood or natural stone surfaces, Acrylic solid surface counter tops and worktops do not require regular maintenance. The durable and resistant material available in numerous colors retains a new look without sealing or polishing even after extensive use.

6. They are nonporous

Another major advantage of solid surfaces is that they are nonporous. This means that they will not soak up stains from coffee, ink, juices or any other inevitable common calamities in the office.

The Acrylic worktops can be used in kitchens and places where food is made without worrying about stains or bacterial build up. They prevent the build up of anything that could be hazardous to health. This makes acrylic worktops a popular choice for kitchens and restaurants.

7. Affordability

The best advantage of Acrylic solid surfaces is it’s affordability and ease to construct into any space. They are robust materials with many advantages available at the best prices. In fact, with the many design choices, solid surface worktops can be used virtually anywhere.

While natural stone and wooden surfaces may tend to be costly to install and maintain, Acrylic solid surfaces are extremely affordable to buy, install and maintain.

If you found this article useful, browse through the Tranquil global collection of Acrylic solid surfaces to make a more informed decision when you buy your own solid surfaces.

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