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Acoustics for Sustainable Architecture

Acoustics for Sustainable Architecture

A few decades back, designers, engineers, architects, and urbanists have given more importance to the sustainability of the projects, remodeling environmental, health, energy, usability, safety, and, productivity problems. In most of these problems, noise control and acoustics features are essentially included.

This Particular problem of Sustainability will produce a common space to share the experience, knowledge, and proposals on noise control, acoustics, and sustainability.

The fields of acoustics and noise control, new technologies, materials, and techniques today enable the improvement, development, and experiment of new sustainable methodologies and systems.

Here are the few points that new sustainable methodologies and systems are aiming to:

• Usable of recycled and ecological materials: 

Acoustical materials are sustainable because either they are made from recycled materials or natural materials also, they are a valid option to traditional synthetic materials. The creation of these materials commonly has a lower environmental impact than traditional ones, also a proper analysis of the acoustic material for sustainability has to be carried out through recommended procedures.

• Limit noise annoyance within the buildings;

These days, designers, contractors, developers, and even the buyers of residential buildings are often ignored to implement Acoustic properties within the buildings. The internal and external environment noise affects residents’ daily living.

• Create acoustically correct environments;

Height, timbre, duration, and intensity are the terms used to measure the quality of sound. Here we are interested in focusing on the intensity means the quality. Intensity transforms the rest and defines how a person sees undesired sounds. 

• Implement new urban strategies and transport policies

This could be termed as the greatest challenge to plan and invest intelligently in infrastructure concerning sustainable urban transport. Transport act as a vital role in urban improvement as it has to be providing easy access for the individual to health care, education, markets, and other services. 

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