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Modified Acrylic Solid Surface- Alticor

The incomparable beauty, originates in the unique performance of solid surfaces. The design of the edges, inlays, combination of colors exhibits elegance and vitality. Credible environment friendly material, effectively prevent pollution and avoid bringing harm to nature and human. Alticor answers these needs. Alticor is a fine product & budget friendly to shape your dreams when it comes to straight applications.

Alticor Solid Surface is composed of high performance Polyester Resins, MMA & PMMA, filled with Alumina Tri-hydrate and pigments, Matrix chips, cross linking agents, Pigments, Stabilizers, curing agents etc. This gives Alticor a superior finish. Alticor is a produce from an advance technology plant certified to maintain standards and quality.


Alticor is a long lasting, hard wearing product.
Alticor doesn’t promote growth of Fungi or bacteria and makes it a very hygienic product.
Alticor is seamless in nature. The joints are inconspicuous in nature.
Alticor is tested as per ASTM standards and meets international standards of quality.
Alticor can be router cut to different shapes and designs.
A large collection of colors gives designers the flexibility to select the required colors.

Customized colors can be developed for projects with minimum order quantity.

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