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Wooden acoustic ceiling- Ecowood

Wooden Panel Acoustical Systems

Ecowood is high quality acoustic panelling systems for walls and ceilings. Ecowood Panels is a range of perforated, grooved wooden wall & ceiling panels. Ecowood Wooden acoustic panel has excellent effect of reducing echo and reverberation, giving you the visual effects of wooden surface. These panels are available in a wide variety of customised and standard finishes such as real wood veneer acoustic panels, solid wood acoustic panels, laminate acoustic panels and painted acoustic panels. We can produce and provide solutions for interior walls and ceiling systems to achieve a unique finish. The concealed joining system on Ecowood Panels allow a continuous, uninterrupted look to wall and ceilings. The installation system of Ecowood acoustic panelling is user friendly and can be fixed to walls and ceilings effortlessly.


  • Excellent Sound Absorption & Reverberation Control
  • Fire Rated & Low Formaldehyde
  • High Impact & Durable
  • Black Felt Backing.
  • Invisible Interlocking & Concealed Fixing System.


  • Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panels: These are a series of longitudinal slats and grooves, with many patterns available for many environments.
  • Wooden Perforated Acoustic Panels: These are panels with holes on front and back sides, widely used for walls & ceilings.
  • Acoustic Diffusers: Acoustic diffusers not only aid sound diffusion, but also remove coloration and echoes.
  • Pattern Wooden Acoustic Panels: hese are designer pattern acoustic panels with decorative surface patterns, and can be customized to client's design.
  • Wooden Decorative Panels: These are decorative wall panels with no sound absorption effect.
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