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Hanging Panels - Filz

Hanging Panels

Sweeping movement across multiple panels, which is created from horizontally transforming parallelograms, Hanging panels add texture, color, and modulated visibility to any space. It offers standard static and transforming patterns that can be used individually or in series. The panels define space, control light and view, and provide varied degrees of privacy. Available in 43 colors of 5mm Wool Design Filz, these hanging panels are compatible with Hanging Panel Track System.

Wool filz is the ideal choice for hanging panels due to its softness and texture plus thickness and density that allow the panels to hang freely without a backing or additional support. Since Wool Design Filz is a non-woven textile, intricate cut-out patterning can be achieved without the need for finishing the edges. This enables a modern screening system created simply by cutting away material and cannot be achieved with any other natural material.


  • Content: 100% Merino or Karakul Wool.
  • Origin: Germany.
  • Thickness: 5mm.
  • Thickness Tolerance: +/- 10%
  • Width: Upto 180 cm (70 3/4 in).
  • Width Tolerance: +/- 4cm (+/-1 3/5 in)
  • Weight: 280 kg / m3
  • Hanging Options: Velcro or track system.
  • Primary Uses: Architectural Applications, Lifestyle and Home Goods, Wallcovering, Wrapped Panels, Tackboards.
  • Variation: Wool felt is a natural material and minor changes and slight inclusions of natural fiber on the surface are evidence of the 100% natural origin of the material. The natural colorways are undyed wool and color variation may be more pronounced beyond normal commercial range.


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