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Pannello Murale

Hung on the wall, Pannello Murale is space efficient and highly effective, as it absorbs sound on both sides and does triple duty as a sophisticated projection screen and tackable surface. This elegant panel is created with an aluminum frame that gracefully tapers to a thin profile masking a high performing sound-absorbing core of Eco Core and exterior covered in flush-mounted 100% Wool Design Filz. The Pannello Murale provides a beautiful, yet hard-working acoustic panel. Available in four standard sizes and 63 colors of 3mm Wool Design Filz.

Pannello Semplice

Murale's straight-laced cousin, Pannello Semplice is a wall-mounted panel available in two standard sizes with custom sizes available. The innovative aluminum frame places the acoustic material at an optimum 10 cm (4 in) away from the wall, maximizing acoustic absorption. In addition, this versatile panel system can go wall-to-wall, wrap a 90-degree corner. Like its Pannello counterparts, Semplice also provides a sophisticated projection or tack surface. Available in two standard sizes and 63 colors of 3mm Wool Design Filz.

Pannello Paravent

Pannello Paravent beautifully answers the need for temporary privacy in an open space. This panel creates an informal division at a moments notice then can be folded flat to store with a minimal footprint. Designed for use as a movable room partition, each panel stands on two legs and can be minimized or enlarged at the user's discretion. Offered in three components, Left, Linking, and Right, and two standard widths, this screen is available in 63 colors of 3mm Wool Design Filz.

Pannello Suspenso

Pannello Suspenso hangs freely in space making it easy to divide a room into zones feeling boxed in. The screens decrease sound reverberation and provide visual privacy while maintaining an airy, open feeling.

Pannello Tavola

Pannello Tavola goes up as easily as it comes down. This thin acoustic screen allows privacy at any work surface and installs quickly and easily with magnets. Want to relocate your tavola? No problem! The magnets release with hot air and can be remounted with new adhesive circles.

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