How can I get the best experience with a home theatre system at home?

How can I get the best experience with a home theatre system at home?

When you buy a home theatre system for your home, you enhance your lifestyle as well as the décor of your home. You look forward to enjoying some time getting entertained by watching the latest movie releases with your family and friends at home.

Tranquil has a variety of high-quality products that will provide you with a world-class environment to enjoy your favourite film, music, or video games. We are committed to improving our customers’ lifestyle with a range of versatile products that add aesthetic appeal to homes apart from giving you the intended functional value.

Here are some ways we suggest to get the best experience with your home theatre system at home:

Match up your speakers

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Ensure that the sound is seamless from one speaker to another by matching the speakers throughout your system. You should match them in stages, start with the front left, right, and center channels, and finally match your surround speakers

Upgrade your subwoofer
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When you select a subwoofer, don’t be mistaken for its size, but instead go for its quality. A 10” subwoofer with higher quality is always better than a 12” lower quality one which may give you muddy noise. 

Upgrade your receiver or amplifier

If your receiver or amplifier gets enough power, then your speakers will produce excellent sound quality. Watch for the quality of the manufacturer since even 60 watts per channel may sound better than a 100W per channel one if the latter is of a low quality.

Upgrade your center channel
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The center channel not only reproduces the dialogues but also the other effects such as the explosive ones. The larger the center channel the more bass it can handle and consequently reproduce voice more effectively.

Take care of the acoustics
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You can acoustically tune your home theatre space by installing Tranquil cheap, easy, attractive, and DIY (do-it-yourself) acoustic solutions such as acoustic paneling systems, acoustic separators, pin boards, and blocks for walls and ceilings. Our acoustical ceiling tiles, hanging baffles, acoustical partitions, acoustic clouds, and acoustic foam can also help improve your home acoustics.

Handle reflective surfaces
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The flat or hard surface of a wall, ceiling, or window bounces sound to you causing reverberation (echo). You can effortlessly install Tranquil eco-friendly sound-absorbing acoustic panels on the walls, ceiling, or in important corners of the room to diminish the effect of the hard surfaces.

Take care of the room lighting
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Make sure the windows and doors in the room of your home theatre get hidden using black-out curtains.You do not want the light to fall on your screen while you watch a movie.

Seating arrangements
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Ensure that everyone gets a good view of the screen by installing risers. Installing reclining chairs can create a lush comfortable movie theatre-like experience.

Make yourself comfortable

Installing an air-conditioner is a good option to make you feel comfy and with acoustical application in the home theatre system, you can have an almost movie theatre-like experience.


You can get a state-of-the-art home theatre experience if you follow the tips we suggested above. A good quality home theatre system can help you increase the resale value of your home.

Tranquil Acoustical products

Tranquil Ecocore, Tranquil Ecowood, Tranquil APS, Tranquil Filz, Tranquil 3D Panels, and Tranquil Block are some of our high-quality acoustic products that can help in reducing sound transmission, eliminating reverberation (echo) and providing noise isolation. They can be used for walls and ceilings and ensure that you get the best experience with your home theatre system at home. Our products come in a variety of colors and we can design patterns to suit your lifestyle.

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