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Tranquil APS

Tranquil APS Acoustical System is a world-class product for acoustic. Tranquil APS is a compressed fiberglass acoustical system. Tranquil APS has a wide range of products which include Wall Panels, Baffles, Clouds, Deco Clouds, Acoustic Separators, Ceilings, etc. Thus, Tranquil APS is a solution for most of the acoustic requirements for walls and ceilings. It is a green system as it contains 59% post-consumer recycled glass. Tranquil APS is a world-class product in its NRC functionality as its NRC ranges between 0.80 and 1.05 with its multiple thicknesses for multiple applications.

Tranquil APS Multi Specifications:

    • Maximum dimensions: L-2.44m. W-1.22m
    • Thickness: 1” and 2”
    • Weight: Kg/ m 2 ( +/- 10%) 1”= 2.98 and 2”=5.95
    • PCF: 6-7. PCF Compressed Fiberglass Core
    • Edges : Square/Bevelled/Mitre/Radius
    • Warranty: Warranty against workmanship and manufacturing defects for 2 years from the date of purchase
    • Fire Rating: Class “A” as per ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test
    • Mounting Methods: Z Clip Attachments, Impaler Clip with Adhesive

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