Solid Surface vs Granites- Advantages & Disadvantages

Solid Surface vs Granites- Advantages & Disadvantages

Introduction of Solid Surface

One of the frequently used materials for countertop installations is the Solid Surface. Solid surface is a very popular material in residential new constructions in India, despite facing competition from marble, granite, quartz and others. Of-late solid surface has found an emerging market in commercial, industrial settings and hospitals. Solid surface is a man-made material usually composed of acrylic, polyester resins (33% binding resins and 66% minerals) and pigments. One of the biggest advantages of the solid surface countertops is the ability to use them in making seamless sinks.

Solid Surface vs. Granites:

Solid Surface

  • Non-porous material, will not absorb bacteria and support its growth. This makes solid surface an ideal option for medical facilities in hospitals as well as to ensure the hygiene and health for your family at home.
  • Seamless joints look like a single sheet
  • Solid surfaces can be quickly repaired and refinished looking as new and fresh as before. Also, they need quite less time to be repaired.
  • Solid surfaces come in a variety of colours and textures as compared to granite where the options are limited.
  • Most solid surfaces tend to be cheaper when compared to granite.
  • Join free material so the wastage of material can be less compared to the granite
  • Solid surfaces can be transformed using heat into creative designs by a procedure called thermoforming.


  • Granite is a natural stone which is a popular choice for countertop installations. It is available in a wide array of colours/patterns and is gathered from around the world.
  • Granite prices became higher depending on its quality. The more rare and exotic the stone, the pricier it gets.
  • Granite can be nearly scratch-resistant since it is very hard, you cannot simply repair it if any damage happens to your granite counter owing to the expense and difficulty in finding extremely skilled craftsmen to fix it.
  • Some granite materials being extremely porous will absorb some bacteria and may in-fact shelter them on the very surface you prepare your family’s meals.
  • The thermoforming procedure cannot be applied to granite.


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To summarize:

Solid Surface: Advantages:   Disadvantages:  
Solid surfaces are easy to clean and owing to being non-porous are hygienic. They are less durable as compared to granite since they may be easily damaged
Can be quickly repaired and refinished when damaged Unlike granite, you cannot use it directly like, like a cutting board.
Solid surfaces are very easy to maintain.  
You can choose from different colours and textures. As a result, you can custom-make your home interior.  
Granite: Advantage:     Disadvantage:  
Granite is the most popular countertop surface which has the benefit that it can hold stains when properly sealed and is resistant to heat, cuts, and scratches.   Granite if damaged, when broken or cracked (hit by a sharp or hard object like a meat blade) will be difficult and expensive to repair.  

Tranquil India offers its customers high-quality solid surface products Tranquil Dunes and Tranquil Alticor, built using world-class materials.

Tranquil Dunes–

Tranquil Dunes is a 100% Acrylic Solid Surface manufactured using world-class materials. Dunes is a quality product which is available in a variety of colours, textures and finishes.

Dunes can be moulded into different shapes and hence lends itself to various applications in residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare environments. Dunes offer an elegant look combined with a surface that stands up to all sorts of wear and tear.

Tranquil Alticor–

Tranquil Alticor is modified acrylic solid surface. The product is very environment friendly, budget-friendly effectively preventing pollution and avoids bringing harm to nature and humans. Alticor solid surface is composed of high-performance polyester resins, MMA & PMMA, filled with ATH (Alumina Tri-hydrate) and pigments, matrix chips, cross-linking agents, stabilizers, curing agents etc. This gives Alticor a superior finish. Alticor is a product from an advanced technology plant certified to maintain standards and quality.

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