Tranquil Acoustical Systems –  Understanding Acoustic Panel with an Example.
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Tranquil Acoustical Systems – Understanding Acoustic Panel with an Example.

What is an Acoustical panel?

Acoustical systems or Acoustic panels are sound absorbing panels put on walls or ceilings to control and reduce the echo. The objective is to reduce the echo and excess noise by using sound-absorbing Panels.

Let’s understand with an example:

Indoor games corridors and gymnasia differ considerably from other spaces as they are especially greater spaces meant for teaching sports active groups.

Let us consider three instances-

  1. When a coach is teaching a game inside the stadium, one can expect a lot of noise. Since it would mostly a large number of students or members getting trained. Any sound made, will give out an echo in a non-acoustical hall which makes the coach/sports trainee inaudible.
  2. Let’s say the coach is teaching a basketball and giving directions to the students and the basketball is being bounced off the floor, students are yelling/shouting to pass the ball in non-acoustical corridors. In this situation, students will not be able to hear the coach and the vice-versa, as there would be an echo and this makes difficult for communication and understanding.
  3. When a sports event is being conducted in a non-acoustical corridor; the speaker is addressing the gathering, since each sound echoes, it will be very difficult for the gathering to hear the speaker.

Acoustical systems are the perfect solution for all the above scenarios. These are absorbing panels fixed on walls or ceilings which can reduce the echo and excess noise within a corridor making it a pleasant atmosphere for coaching, conducting sports events and etc.

The sports lobby atmosphere is usually loud. To control this atmosphere acoustical panels must be applied around the lobby.

A significant term we should discuss here is ”Reverberation time”. It is the time required for the sound to fade away or decay in a closed space. Sound in a hall gets bounced off the surfaces, for example, the floor, dividers, roof, windows, or tables. The reflected sound decreases when the vibrations hit the surfaces, which can absorb the sound.

Reflection and Sound Absorption

Once transmitted from a source, sound waves in lobby travel through the air until they come in contact with any surface or other any obstacle. At that point, it will be partially bounced off the surface which goes into the lobby and keeps going towards another path. Sports corridors are usually noisy because of the hard divider, floor, and roof surfaces which are required to withstand long stretches for the utilization for sports.

Tranquil Acoustical Systems are ideal for sports corridors as they can reduce the echo and absorb excess noise within the sports corridor.

*Tranquil Acoustical Systems are sound-absorbing panels that are being fixed on walls or ceilings to walls based on the specifications so as to reduce the echo and excess noise within a sports corridor. These sound-absorbing panels are available in many colors, sizes, designs, and customized to meet the requirements.

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