What are some soundproofing techniques by which you can reduce the echo in open office spaces?

What are some soundproofing techniques by which you can reduce the echo in open office spaces?

When does an echo happen in an open office space?

an open office space that has a high ceiling, echo is bound to occur. Also, if
you have a hard floor or drywall, you’re bound to have acoustical issues even
though you may have an aesthetically appealing look for your office.  The sound from the phone or employees’ voices
bounces off of any hard surface causing a flutter echo. This phenomenon can
happen between walls, floors, and ceilings.

What can you do to avoid the echo in open office spaces?

is an excellent technique that uses materials that absorb or reduce sound. When
sound travels directly into the soft surface of the material, it doesn’t get
reflected, thus avoiding the echo effect.

Below are some ways to soundproof and have better acoustics in your open office space.


Acoustic panel manufacture in India

An acoustical tile is a sound-absorbing tile which can be fixed on the ceiling and is used to lessen the noise, reverberation and echo in a given space. Tranquil offers its customers acoustical tiles which are excellent in sound absorption, diffusion, and attenuation. These are made from renewable materials and can add some serious design to your office space while buffering all that sound and echo bouncing around the walls. We have the best acoustical tiles to soundproof your office. Tranquil acoustical tiles come in a variety of colours and designs and can cover either entire walls or various portions of walls of your office space.


Best Acoustic panels to sound proof

Acoustical panels (made of acoustic foam) are similar to tiles in function; however, they can cover a large surface area on a wall compared to a tile. Tranquil produces acoustic panels that can line your office walls entirely and reduce the echo inside your office space. We have the best acoustical panels to soundproof your office and the latest acoustical panels at a low price.


sound proof materials in India

Tranquil offers hanging baffle systems that can be fixed to your office ceiling and absorbs the sound, avoiding the echo and reverberation inside your offices.  Our baffle ceiling systems are not only functional in design but also beautiful in form adding aesthetic appeal to your offices. Also, we offer a variety of shapes and colours with standard and customizable sizes to suit your needs.


latest Acoustical wall panels at low price

Acoustic foam can be applied directly to walls, floors and
ceilings with adhesive spray. This acts as an excellent sound absorber that
catches sounds that are on their way and avoids their reflection. Tranquil can help you in the acoustical
treatment of your offices by providing world-class quality acoustic foam which
you can apply directly to your office walls and ceilings.

Some of the other techniques that can help reduce the echo
in your office are:

  • Add rugs or carpets –Covering parts of your
    office floor or complete floor cover with wall-to-wall carpeting can greatly
    reduce the echo in your office rooms.
  • Hang curtains – Heavy and thick
    curtains on your office walls can dampen the reverberations and echoes inside
    your office.
  • Lowering the height of the

    The height of the office ceiling can be kept low while the office design and
    building planning takes place.


treatments thought of during and after the construction of an office can help
improve the sound audibility and greatly impact employees’ performance. By
implementing the above tips we suggest, you can solve the echo issues in your
office space.

Tranquil India provides acoustic panels, ceiling tiles and baffle systems of world-class quality. These will not only help you functionally but are also beautiful in design and will give your offices a sophisticated and aesthetic look. We also provide the latest acoustical wall panels at low price and we supply some of the best acoustic panels to soundproof your space.

Tranquil APS is a fiberglass acoustical system that can be used as wall panels and ceilings and has an excellent Noise Reduction Coefficient (0.8 to 1). Tranquil Ecocore Panels can be used as pinboards and can reduce noise effectively. Tranquil Ecowood is a quality wooden panel to be used on walls and ceilings and has excellent echo and reverberation reducing effect. Tranquil Filz is a woollen solution which has excellent noise insulation properties. Apart from the above Tranquil also provides blocks made of flexible mass vinyl for noise reduction.

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