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What are the benefits of ecowood for sustainable architecture?
ecowood for architecture

What are the benefits of ecowood for sustainable architecture?

Highly quality building materials should be sustainable. The requirement of sustainable architecture is increasing by the day. That’s where ecowood is a sustainable material for well-rounded architecture and high functionality.

This high-end acoustic material is made from organic compounds that makes it an eco-friendly and beneficial material for any living space. Ecowood offers a range of benefits to provide the best acoustics for any building space.

Let’s explore what makes ecowood sustainable.

1. High impact and durable

Ecowood provides amazing sound absorption properties and is extremely durable. The easy to install panels can be fitted in your room, living spaces, offices or home entertainment hubs for great sound quality. The fact that these items are very durable, adds onto its sustainability index. The weather resistant properties of this wood prevents damage and prolongs its life cycle. Hence, you don’t need to replace the material or spend extra costs on maintenance.

Sustainable architecture starts with materials that can be used extensively for high-performance and quality.

2. Class B1 fireproof

Fireproof properties of the ecowood panels make it a sustainable material. Unlike conventional wood, the ecowood comprises natural composites that are treated for fireproof properties. Having a class B1 fireproof rating makes this material sustainable for any type of architecture.

3. Class E1 eco-friendly

Eco-friendly materials are the backbone of sustainable architecture. When a material can be recycled and reused, it ranks higher for sustainability. With natural ingredients, the discarded items can be treated or transformed by natural processes. The panels are nature-friendly, allowing for building projects without feeling guilty. The aesthetic designs of ecowood also complement it’s eco-friendly properties. Maintaining the ecowood furnishings are easy and cost-effective.

4. Easy to install

These panels are lightweight and easy to install. This adds less costs when building a space. The versatility also allows for ecowood to be used for various acoustical requirements. Whether for an office to curb the sound levels or for your home entertainment room, the material functions very well. The easy-to-install material saves time and costs and thereby poses as a sustainable alternative to metal installations and traditional wooden finishes.

5. High quality sound absorption

Another feat of the ecowood acoustical material is its high-quality sound absorption properties. With great acoustical properties, there isn’t a requirement for additional layering or furniture to improve acoustics. This reduces the burden in terms of cost and time required to equip a space with great acoustics. Built for sustainable architecture, the ecowood stands out as a complement to any building requirement for acoustical excellence.

If you find the ecowood a sustainable material for sustainable architecture, you can find out more about the variants of ecowood available. Click here to visit the official Tranquil Global page to find out more about Ecowood materials, designs and specifications.

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