What kind of reception tables should we buy for a corporate office? Types of office counter tables and benefits?

What kind of reception tables should we buy for a corporate office? Types of office counter tables and benefits?

Why office countertops are important?

Often, office countertops are not given much attention. However, choosing the right kind of countertops in the office can change the appearance of your office for better. Also, the corporate reception desk is an important piece of office furniture as your front office reception counter is the first visual impression of your office.

Tranquil supplies a large range of standard and custom made office countertops and reception desks. Our world-class products are made with high quality materials which will not only sustain for a long time, but also provides the aesthetic appeal. Our products have a unique design which will suit your office culture.

Types of office counter tables and their benefits

Some other materials which can be used for office countertops are-

  • Marble
  • Stainless Steel
  • Solid Surface
  • Laminate
  • Wood or Butcher Block
  • Soapstone
  • Concrete


Marble• Waterproof.
• Heatproof.
• Effortlessly can be recoloured
• Resistant to scratching, cracking and breaking.
• Longevity
• Adds versatility
• Durable
Cheaper than other natural stone varieties. In view of its high price, marble isn’t regularly used on the countertops of entire offices.

Stainless Steel Counters

Stain less steel• Easy to clean.
• Shiny.
• Non-porous.
• Impervious to heat, rust, corrosion, stains.
• Low maintenance
• Has a good look.
• Disinfect doesn’t allow bacterial growth.
• Durable and have a long life.

Solid Surface

Soild Surface• Easy to clean.
• Non-porous.
• Waterproof
• Can be quickly repaired and refinished when damaged.
• You can choose from different colors and textures.
• Hygienic as they will not allow bacteria to accumulate.
• Very easy to maintain.
• Due to their versatility, you can custom-make your office interior.
Can be reasonably costly


Laminates• You can purchase laminates in bunches of colours
• Simple to keep up
• Solid surface and non-porous
• Add versatility.
• Low on maintenance.
• Doesn’t absorb bacteria.
Inexpensive and cheaper than Granite.

Wood or Butcher Block

Solid Surface• Easy to clean.
• Can be sanded.
• Smooth.
• Easily available.
• Can be resealed as required.
• Extensive variety of colors and wraps up
• Waterproof
• Extremely Durable
• Can buy them locally
• Low maintenance
• Add versatility
Although cheap, since prices vary depending on the quality of wood, can turn quite expensive

Soapstone Counters  

Acoustical Panels• Less brittle, non-porous.
• Profound colour and re-colouring is safe.
• Smooth feel.
• Can customize your kitchen as you wantCostly compared to even granite and quartz.

Concrete Counters

Acoustical wall panels• Scratch safe
• Can be colour-tinted
• Good for cutting.
• Looks fascinating and strange.
• Good for decorative purposes.
Mid to high range on cost


Choosing the right material for your office countertop is important as it affects the ambience and aesthetics of your office which in-turn can affect your employees’ productivity. Office countertops should be wisely chosen to suit your office culture and brand entity, apart from using them to enhance your office desk look. We recommend that Solid surface is the best materials to use as office countertops although you can select any of the other countertop materials as above.

About Tranquil

Tranquil is committed to serve its corporate customers through its world-class products made using high quality materials. Our products are versatile and will cater to diverse needs and ambience of your office space. We can offer you standard size countertops for your offices as well as customized ones. Our creative products have a beautiful finish and unique design and will ensure that they will meet your corporate taste and lifestyle.

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