Which ceiling is best suitable for a hospital? Features and Benefits.

Which ceiling is best suitable for a hospital? Features and Benefits.

What factors to consider while selecting any type of Ceiling?

There are 3 major factors you need to consider while selecting the type of ceiling for your office, home, hospital or any other facility:

  • Durability

In order to make sure that a ceiling is safe for the people that stay or work beneath it, it must withstand any pressure and should not easily get broken or damaged.

  • Reparability

A ceiling should require fewer repairs. A long-lasting and low on maintenance ceiling would also save you some money apart from the time wasted on repairs.

  • Quality

Anything that is made with high-quality products is sure to give you its benefits in the long run apart from giving you a product worthy of money.

What factors to consider while selecting a Ceiling for a Hospital?

There is increased understanding and evidence that hospital design impacts significantly on patient recovery, as well as staff well-being and retention. The following factors are important while you select the type of ceiling for your hospital:

  • Hygienically safe – Infection prevention and control is of utmost importance in hospitals. Any architect who designs a healthcare facility will need to consider how the materials used in the ceilings of various areas inside the hospitals will not become a breeding ground for bacteria/germs. Ceilings should be smooth, nonporous, hard and seamless to avoid moisture and the resulting bacterial concentration.
  • Healing environment –Architects should design ceilings in such a way that patients can get good light and air and feel soothing. Ceilings could be made to have healing power on the patients by affecting how well they sleep and recover. Also, they could help provide a sense of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Cleanliness – A hospital is a place where cleanliness is of utmost priority to ensure patients stay safe and are treated properly. Therefore, ceiling panels and suspension grid surfaces should not have discolourations, dust, cracks, chips, or other blemishes. Ceiling surfaces should be smooth, bright white and not have any “wormholes,”  or other indentations that could be perceived as dirty.
  • Easy to repair and maintain –A hospital ceiling has to be selected in such a way that it doesn’t crack and is prone to wear and tear. If left uncorrected or not repaired adequately, these imperfections could lead to bacterial growth. Repair and maintenance should be easy, cost-effective and less time-consuming.
  • Aesthetically good – The colours, design and ambience could play a role in lifting the moods of patients as well as other staff in hospitals.

In a healthcare environment, all the above factors could contribute significantly to inpatient recovery and hospital staff productivity.

Of the various types of ceilings available, the Metal Ceilings have been found to meet most of the requirements for an ideal type of ceiling (as mentioned above) to be used in healthcare.

Why a Metal Ceiling is beneficial to be used in hospitals?

• Resistant to moisture.
• Unaffected by rotting or cracking.
• Durable.
• Resistant to fire.
• Easy to clean. Dusting and wiping is easy, keeping them in great condition for a long time.
• Easy to install.
• Good sound-absorbers.
• Good light diffusers and air circulators
• Available in a variety of finishes such as Aluminium, copper, brass, steel and different effects such as bare, polished or powder-coated.
• Can be painted in a variety of colours.
• Avoid damage due to accumulated water or moisture which maintains hygiene, by avoiding bacterial growth.
• Needless repairs or replacement.
• Have a long-lasting life.
• Makes your hospital safer.
• Control infection and help in maintenance.
• Takes much lesser time to install since they are lighter, available in several patterns as well as interlocked models.
• Improve acoustics and eliminate noise.
• Make the internal atmosphere fresh and healthy.
• By being customizable helps in improving the aesthetic appeal and perception of the internal environment by staff, patients and visitors alike.
• Improves the ambience and gives a sophisticated look to your hospital.


 Metal ceilings offer an ideal solution for hospitals since they meet most of the operational needs (hygiene, cleanliness, and air/light/sound factors) for a healthcare environment. They are also sustainable (having a long life with least maintenance) which makes them the best ceiling type to be used in hospitals.

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