Why use Tile ceiling systems? Different types with their features & benefits?

Why use Tile ceiling systems? Different types with their features & benefits?

What are the ceiling tiles?

Ceiling panels are lightweight materials that are used to cover ceilings and placed easily underneath them. Ceiling tiles or panels are a good option for the improvement of any structure’s interiors such as its aesthetics or acoustics.

Ceiling tiles can be painted and easily maintained. Also, tile ceiling systems come in several designs or patterns and ways in which they can be suspended.

Why use Tile ceiling systems?

  • Since they are fast and easy to install (DIY type), they provide a cheap option while setting up the ceilings
  • Since ceiling panels limit the heat that is lost through the ceiling and the roof, they improve the insulation of the home saving energy
  • Owners can give an aesthetic appeal and improve their home interiors at a cheaper cost
  • They help in hiding wires/conduits which run along the walls near the ceiling, can also accommodate more cabling when needed
  • Ceiling tile systems can also avoid entire ceilings needing restoration when there are leaking pipes beneath them, only the stain tiles will have to be replaced which is easy and cost-effective.

Different types of tile ceiling systems and their benefits

Open-Cell System –

Tile ceilings   • Consists of light-weight open-cell modules that can lay onto a suspension grid.
• Easily accessible and has a flexible design.
• Resistant to fire, and moisture.
• Gives a spacious appearance, can integrate with other metal ceiling systems.
• Is easy to install and maintain.
• The building is safer and damage due to accumulated moisture doesn’t happen

Lay-In Tile 

Lay in tile• These tiles are designed for lay-in mounting from below into a standard grid.
• Easily accessible and, assemble/disassemble.
• Resistant to fire and moisture.
• Easy to clean.
• A variety of colors and specifications is available.
• Simple to use, economical and easy installation. Compatible with solid, perforated and mesh panels.
• Low maintenance.
• Safer and no damage due to accumulated water.
• Aesthetically good.

Clip-In Tile

Clip in tile• Ceiling is clamped into the hidden frame with minimal void space.
• The structure of the hidden frame mounting system is stable and concealed.
• The surface of the panel is smooth with concise and beautiful lines.
• Very flexible while making changes to the interval in the room.
• Resistant to fire.
• Easy installation and disassembly.
• Simple downward access, with easy integration.
• Can be widely used in a variety of architectural decoration design.
• Ensures building safety

Clip-In Patent Tile

Clip-In Patent Tile• A practical new type of step-shaped ceiling pinch plate, including a front decorative surface with regular polygon and the peripheral buckle under the side of the decorative surface.
• The ceiling pinch plate are splicing fitted to each other, forming straight and beautiful grooves through the splicing of the adjacent steps.
• Easy to install and dismount.
• Easy to clean & washable.
• Resistant to fire.
• Hassle-free maintenance and accessibility.
• Durable and cost-effective.
• Makes the structure safer.

Triangle Patent

Triangle Patent• Triangle patent ceiling is a modern, new and innovative ceiling which is provided with the extension edge with mounting groove for connecting.
• Easy to assemble and disassemble.
• Fireproof and moisture-proof, also easy to clean.
• A variety of colours and specifications are available.
• Low maintenance and seamless splicing.
• Building is safer and does not accumulate moisture.
• Gives good aesthetic appeal.

Combination Ceiling System

Combination Ceiling System• The plate is combined with the surface to provide a strong three-dimensional effect.
• Easy to clean.
• Easy to assemble and disassemble.
• Fireproof and moisture-proof
• Customers can make combinations freely according to their own choice.
• Makes the structure safe and resistant to moisture.
• Low maintenance
• Durable.
• Customizable

Hook-On Tile

Hook-On Tile• The unidirectional parallel keel hooked type structure enables the keel to be hooked and folded together.
• Good sound-absorbing function.
• Easy to assemble and disassemble.
• It is suitable for outdoor decoration.
• The unique hooking up design controls the mobility between the plates to ensure the gap tighter and tidier.
• Easy to maintain.
• Has strong wind resistance.
• Good acoustics


 If you want to improve the interiors of your building by giving it an aesthetic appeal along with good acoustics, you should install the various ceiling tile systems mentioned above. Also, if you want to protect the ceilings of your structures from heat, cables, and leaking pipes installing these tile ceiling systems could be beneficial.

About Tranquil:

Tranquil metal ceilings come with a variety of ceiling systems such as tile ceiling systems, linear ceiling systems, open cell ceiling systems, screen ceiling systems, baffle ceiling systems, aluminium cladding to fulfil your requirements. We can provide them in standard sizes as well as customizable ones, with a variety of beautiful colours and innovative design patterns to suit your lifestyle. And all this comes to you at affordable prices!

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